Blogging in Brazil


A month ago or so, I blogged about our new friends from Brazil, Zeca & Gabia. Well, come to find out they have their own blog. You need to subscribe to their blog. Their story is one you will want to follow.

I am constantly amazed by the people God has brought into my life over the past year. Janie and I were the people who were in no hurry to get passports and now the majority of our friends are from somewhere else. Now that we have our passports we have a long list of places we want to visit: Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and now Brazil.

Zeca and Gabia (and their three amazing daughters), are following God’s leading to plant churches in the U.S. and The Pursuit Christian Church is chewing over how we can partner with them. The crazy thing is they have family in the Pembroke Pines area and Gabia’s mother, Leni, has been coming to The Pursuit for the past month.

I can’t wait to watch what God continues to do through this phenom of a family.

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